Vamoise’s ‘Undecided’

We don’t often feature music videos on the the site. There are just so many out there that we could devote a whole section just to music videos. However, it’s nice to focus on the occasional one that is just too good to let pass by. This is one of them. Both the song and the video are just stunningly beautiful as far as I am concerned. I found out about Montreal’s Vamoise earlier this year and have been completely impressed by their talent. They are just such a fascinating band.

You can find out more on Vamoise at their official website.

“Vamoise is a bohemian electro-pop band from Montreal, led by singer-songwriter & composer Najah Zaoudé. Her songwriting & voice reach human emotions at their deepest manifestation, reflect personal experiences and depict honesty and growth. ‘UNDECIDED’ is the 2nd song released for streaming by Vamoise from the band’s mini-album ‘Another Critical Moment’. The album is produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé (The Blue Seeds, Zodyo Studio)… ”

The EP is now out and available on bandcamp and iTunes, with ‘Killer of Love’ off the EP being a FREE download. Free? Yes! Free!