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Weekend plans? We suggest Pots N Hands

Let’s stimulate Morris restaurant Pots N Hands this weekend with a surge in support, giving them enough business capital for their next endeavour and a better sampling of humanity. Daytrips are always fun, and many of us need an excuse to leave city limits.

The news hardly deserves reiteration. Google “Morris Pots N Hands” for the deplorable details. Quick summary: The men behind the four-month-old restaurant Pots N Hands are closing shop after being the target of explicitly homophobic remarks.

Attrition at the hands of ignorance is an ugly thing. Always. 

“They should get the hell out of here. I don’t really like them — the service and who they are,” Aaron Kleinsasser of Morris, told the Winnipeg Free Press. “I’ve been in there twice, I believe, and I regret it. I’m never going to go back there again.”

There is little point dwelling on the negative; the homophobia rampant in small-town Manitoba; the long-form explanations for why people in some communities can be so fearful and so judgmental; the terrible stain this is on the Town of Morris, for its reputation and for the people living there who may not agree with the Aaron Kleinsassers of this world.

Pots N Hands is scheduled to close shop April 13, so this is the last full weekend to show your support. It’s a short, 70-kilometre trip south along Hwy 75, and a great opportunity to check in on the province’s snow levels and reflect on the late seeding season farmers are sure to face. Our food supply, people!

Their menu is all about home cooking; nothing better for these cool days.

Pots N Hands is located in town on the west side of Hwy 75.

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