Weird clouds over Regina: Government conspiracy?

Ever wonder what it might be like to be inside a lava lamp? Last summer, this video was made of some exceptionally odd looking clouds that appeared over Regina, Saskatchewan. I’ve never seen clouds like these in my life, which might be a good thing. One of the comments by the videographer, Peter Kessel, points out that these clouds are often seen with dramatic changes in weather and tornado activity. Another comment by a man who identified himself as a National Weather Service (NWS) spotter and has studied Atmospheric Sciences points out that these are Mammatus clouds.

It didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to chime in saying that this was clearly a government conspiracy and obviously chemtrails or HAARP related activity: “This is a result of HAARP activity. If you look at your regional doppler radar for that date and time, you will find the ground to air signature, reacting with HAARP in the ionosphere and bouncing back to create the ominous clouds. If you had extreme weather, you now know it was manufactured locally.” (Obviously, wicked weather did NOT exist until the US government manufactured it.)

Others have just outright claimed that it is a fake! But, the number of comments that seem to imply that, indeed, others in the city saw the bizarre looking clouds does give the video credibility. And, thus far, Regina has not been wiped out by aliens or swallowed up in a HAARP related earthquake. Stay safe, Regina!