West Coast Connection

Well, you know, it’s not as if skateboarding itself isn’t dangerous enough, some people have to kick it up about 128 notches and skateboard down a twisty mountain road! To me, this puts the “extreme sport” into extreme sports. Pretty amazing to watch though. And, thanks to Jackson Shapiera’s video, you can do just that….watch!

“The 2013 B.C race season has started! Back-to-back races are happening with Danger Bay, Jakes Rash and the Britannia Classic kicking off this intense season here in Canada. K-Rimes once again shows his dominance on the race course taking out 2 of these 3 races, also adding to his win count making 3 Danger bay and Britannia Victories. Sweedish RAD rider Adam Persson makes himself known as a strong competitor making it to all 3 finals and taking victory at the Jakes Road Rash Rumble. Riley Harris takes 2nd at Danger Bay, Thiago Lessa 2nd at Jakes Rash with Brad Cameron 3rd, and Andrew Chapman scores 3rd place at Britannia.”