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Winnipeg: Donate to our Indiegogo campaign for Parlour Coffee!

You’re a busy, hard-working person. There’s no doubt about it. And as one hard-working person to another, I know that sometimes, you need a bit of an extra push to make it through your day. Let’s say that push is likely a cappuccino or an espresso. But not just any beans will do. Only the best for a connoisseur such as yourself. I’m talking about Parlour Coffee.

Well, you’re in luck. Because you’re reading this, we’ll assume that you enjoy reading articles here at the Spectator. We’ve recently launched our very own Indiegogo campaign so we can continue to bring you the kind of articles you’ve already been loving. There are many perks to donating, including getting something written all about you on the site, or a one-year sponsorship and media campaign. But for the next lucky 25 people who donate, there’s an extra special added bonus.

Those 25 people will each receive a cappuccino or espresso from Parlour Coffee, because they love working with us and we love working with them (in fact, many things on this site might not get done without the extra zip from their coffee, for which we say thanks). All you have to do is publicly donate $5 OR MORE. But to get the really cool stuff, you have to donate more. And not only does donating more get you some wicked good karma and possible advertising for your company, but it might also help us have, say, food to eat at lunch.

Indiegogo will send us an email with your name and email, and then we’ll send you an email ticket that you can print out or bring up on your smartphone and Parlour will give you your cappuccino or espresso (you pick!) after checking your name off their list. If you’re worried you won’t get your due reward, just email us at and we’ll get it sorted out.

There are only 25 chances, so move fast!


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