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Winnipeg universities to implement U-Pass

University of Manitoba students came together Monday to vote in a new, universal bus pass called U-Pass.

The pass, which received 74 per cent of the vote, will save transit users up to $492.80 a year on student bus passes. By increasing per-semester tuition fees by $85, the university is able to give each student access to public transit.

Students at the University of Winnipeg voted to adopt the U-Pass in October. This subsidized bus pass encourages students to take the bus, rather than drive a car, to class. Other universities in the country that have implemented U-Passes claim an increase in bus ridership.

The only students allowed to opt-out of U-Pass fees are those with disabilities and those living outside city limits.



Karmen Wells is an intern at the Spectator Tribune as the social media editor. Follow her on Twitter @araenae