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World Champion Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand

Dallas Arcand has a way with hoops! I admit some ignorance here. I have never heard of Dallas, and I don’t know much about hoop dancing. So, when I found this video, I was amazed at what I saw. The athleticism and creativity shown by Dallas in this video is impressive.

Dallas Arcand is an Aboriginal enter…..oh, forget it, he says it best on his webpage:

“Dallas Arcand is an Aboriginal Entertainer from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Indian Cree Nation, located near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is broadly talented, but best known for his achievements as a Aboriginal dancer, a motivational speaker and a musician.

Dallas was awarded the title of 2012 World Champion Hoop Dancer the Annual World Championship Hoop Dancing Competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This is the 3rd time Dallas has won this honour.”

With this performance, he placed a respectable 4th in the Heard Museum World Championships, out of roughly 70 dancers.

You can hear some of his music over on CBC Music.