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Young Calgarian gaining international renown

When you see the word ‘super-model’, what usually comes to mind?

A beautiful woman? Perhaps a runway? Or maybe the cliché “too-skinny-for-life-someone-get-that-girl-a-cheeseburger” comment.

Either way, when we see the word super-model, a male figure doesn’t usually come to mind.

Unless of course it’s a perfectly sculpted body with chiseled features and tight underwear; perfect messy hair and a gaze that’s looking far off to the left so you know he’s not just another pretty face. “No one understands me and my tight underwear; it’s so hard being this perfect.”

Well folks, here’s something that might change your mind.

Amrit Sandhu is a 19-year-old male hailing from Calgary, Alberta, gaining international renown with his own perfectly chiseled features – but also through his positive outlook and unfaltering intelligence.

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Sandhu was born in Singapore and immigrated to Canada at the age of six.

Although Sandhu never recognized modelling as a career path until age 15, his success in the industry is something friends and family can be proud of.

“I was actually studying acting in a studio when I noticed a small casting post on the bulletin board explaining that a few local photographers were casting male and female models for portfolio updates. I figured, ‘Hey, male modeling, why not give this a try?’” Sandhu said.

Despite stumbling over the opportunity by accident, he learned a lot from it.

Modeling first appeared as completely easy-go-lucky or diva-style work. I was completely wrong. These interests lead me to participating in a model class where I discovered that modeling requires networking in abundance, discipline, and complete devotion.”

Currently, the 19-year-old is represented by Patti Falconer International Model Agency, and hopes to one day travel to India to experience the industry there.

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“Calgary is not exactly Fashion or Commercial central, so there isn’t really much that can possibly happen right here in the city,” said Sandhu.

There are, however, some events near Calgary; the most recent one occurring in Banff, Alberta, during early November.

Or more specifically, on the top of a mountain in Banff.

The models were set to showcase NorthFace Winter Wear designs for 2013 and were brought in by gondolas.

“It was a complete VIP experience and we had audience members flying in from all over the world. I spoke with guests from India, America, the United Kingdom, and Europe – it was amazing,” said Sandhu.

The young model also explained how the job isn’t all glitz and glam, but can be hard work.

“You spend the whole day running around the city to attend up to 20 castings or more. Models can expect to work past the regular hours and into overtime. The modeling industry is very fast paced and models are easily replaceable. Other than that, this is definitely a different style of work which allows you to discover who you are and make lasting friendships from people all over the world.”


Zoe Choy writes for the Spectator Tribune.

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