1st Break Film Festival (May 24th to 26th)

This looks like a fascinating small film festival to check out in Winnipeg at the end of May. According to the Festival website:

“1st Break is like no other film festival in Manitoba.  The main focus will be on independently produced and financed short films made by local emerging filmmakers.  The festival will take viewing films to a whole new level by hosting events in non-traditional, community owned venues in Winnipeg’s downtown core.  1st Break will also bring together the highly creative but usually separate film and music communities by hosting several events that incorporate both mediums in a unique fashion.”

The Edge Gallery will be the venue for this years event, and it sounds like this is a good match. A small art gallery supporting a small film festival…and vice versa.

Go to the 1st Break Film Festival website to find out more: 1stbreakwinnipeg.com