Chris Gaudrey’s ‘Sometimes, The Moon’

The birth of a skateboard! Ta da! This is an interesting and beautifully shot video by independent media producer Chris Gaudrey from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“The song used in this film is “Taro” by Alt-J. You can purchase it here: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/itunes-session/id630722505)

This film is an artistic collaboration on the beauty and art of building a reclaimed wood skateboard. The art is in the making, the beauty is in the understanding how to do it with fluidity.

We shot most of this at Wood Anchor, a reclaimed lumber and wood products company, specializing in the design and build of inspiring wood products.

The art scene was shot at an art studio located in Winnipeg’s historic exchange district, a location very commonly used for major film productions.

Skate ramp scene was shot at an undisclosed, secret testing facility somewhere is central Canada.

Builder — J
Beer drinking scene– Blood fart, The Shaman, Dump Honey, Fat Elvis, Sloppy Taco, CÜNX
Artists — Karen Hare, Melissa Jean

Special notes: The saw that is used to rip huge logs into workable sized pieces is literally referred to by the vendor of the blades as “the Mankiller”. The saw, which harnesses the power of an old truck to function, is extremely precise. The whole thing was amazing to witness, but a little intimidating from a camera operator’s perspective.

Wood Anchor is located on a spot of land on the far side of Brady Landfill. The furniture and other wood pieces inside the shop, even as partially uncompleted pieces, were beautiful, we had to get them in as many shots as possible. And the fact that a lot of these pieces are built sustainably using reclaimed wood from around Manitoba is awesome. Check them out here: woodanchor.com/