Plainsight Pictures presents ‘For Our Tomorrow – Calgary Flood 2013’

The cleanup has started even though there is still massive flooding in many communities in Alberta. It has been a devastating time for so many in the province, and the response from Canadians from coast to coast has been one of solidarity for those affected. It’s the Canadian way. No matter how much you hate a city’s hockey team, you can’t help but support fellow Canadians everywhere in a time of need.

This beautifully created video captures part of what it has looked like for regular folks in Calgary by Plainsight Pictures.

“Online resource for connecting people to those in need! Calgary Flood Relief!

A good message must be:
Kept very simple, and must reach all people. – Phil Bartle

Please share information on how others can join in to do their part in contributing to the Calgary flood relief efforts.

* Please share, and help promote Calgary flood relief. *”