Fixin’ bikes at Natural Cycle in Winnipeg

For those of us not brave enough to ride all year around, bike season is almost here. It’s been a long, cold, hard winter and assuredly there are plenty of people across the prairies just itching to get their bikes out and hit the roads and trails. But first off, a little spring maintenance might be in order. The folks at Natural Cycle in Winnipeg seem to have a passion for bikes that has to be admired. They understand what it is to be a bike owner, rider and lover. And they know how to keep bikes running. Now if they can just help me find the two bikes I have had stolen in the past three years in Winnipeg, I’ll be a happy man.

Melissa Tait, who is the Multimedia Editor at the Winnipeg Free Press created this lovely short documentary film. You can also find her at melissatait.ca. She does some great work!