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Calgary’s restaurant app, no winter tires in Saskatchewan, and Edmonton Oilers get new head coach.

7813417.bin Calgary’s John Gilchrist showing off the Eat Canada App

The app is Eat Canada and is said to be the first of its kind in the country. It is designed for the business traveller and was launched by the top ten restaurant critics across our home and native land. It covers all of Canada’s 11 major cities from the west to east coast ranging from Vancouver to St. Johns.

Each one of the above cities feature their 20 top restaurants and beverage rooms in the heart of their downtown, chosen by critics. In their reviews you will find pertinent information such as cuisine type, price range and the credit cards they accept,  and wine and beverage lists. Calgary’s Jeremy Gate of Force Grind Inc. developed the app for iPhones and iPads and it can be purchased through the App Store for $9.99. It has not yet been said if it will soon also be compatible with Blackberry and Android.

Gilchrist who along with being a food critic writes a column for the Calgary Herald says, “Talking with people, a real need is in the business community. There are like six million Canadian business travellers every year and yet we don’t know the cities that we’re doing business in. So I thought we should be able to help you out doing that. That’s what sort of drove this project.”

By January 28 all the critics involved will narrow their selection down to a top 10.


th Saskatchewan rental car companies don’t have winter tire option

As old man winter digs in his heels, a lot of drivers enjoy the comfort of winter tires that will do the same. In Saskatchewan having winter tires is something that the city not only hasn’t made mandatory but for those wanting to rent vehicles they will find that it’s not even an option. CBC News contacted all of the major rental agencies in Saskatoon and there were snow tire options to be found anywhere.

It is an issue of feeling more comfortable and safe for many drivers, and Jeep owner Kevin Hovdestad doesn’t feel much of either as he takes to the slippery streets in a rented Dodge dart while his Jeep is in for repairs.

“In Quebec it’s now provincial law that you have winter tires during the winter,” said Hovedestad. “I’m assuming that rental companies out there have to deal with it. So I don’t see why, in a place that has as bad or worse weather conditions, that we wouldn’t go the same direction.”

The rental agencies that were contacted said that with their vehicles being newer models, the all-season tires they come quipped with should suffice. The only option to make drivers like Hovedestad feel a little more at ease behind the wheel would be to rent a vehicle with a 4X4 option, but that can be quite expensive and would not be a regular option in courtesy cars and  most loss of use insurance plans.



7814089.binRalph Krueger takes over as head coach for the Oilers

Hockey fans everywhere exude excitement as the new hockey season finally gets under way, and the Edmonton Oilers also have something to look forward to. Ralph Kruger who is no stranger to the team,  will be stepping up to call the shots for Edmonton’s NHL team.  He differs from Renney in some ways and the team is looking forward to the change.

Jordan Eberle, Oilers winger says, “Obviously, Ralph’s a different voice and maybe we needed that, but I don’t think a lot of the things we’ll be doing will be different, except we’ll have to do them better.”

Krueger has been described as an easy going positive guy by the team who is well spoken and should have no problem with sending the team on the ice with the confidence and direction they need this season to do well. Fans may see Eberle with an A on his jersey this season. Kruger has filled in twice before for Renney who is now with the Detroit Red Wings so he feels to be a very smooth transition.

Krueger who used to be coach for the national Swiss team began working along side Renney as his right hand man in 2010.



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