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Ride the Cyclone right into ‘Peg’s theatre scene

Dyed in the wool Winnipeggers love to rave about the plethora of up ‘n coming musicians who sustain the city’s thriving music scene. What is less common in the cultural zeitgeist, but deserves just as much coffee shop banter, is Winnipeg’s theatre scene. The vibrancy of this artistic niche will, however, slowly but surely carve its way into broad awareness. Not just through local talent, but through the kind of shows that happen to stop by. 

One such show is around bend. Its performers may be a bunch of hyper-creative types from Victoria, BC, but the story they tell is rooted in the prairies. In small town Saskatchewan of all places. Now Manitobans love nothing better than to scoff at the general obscurity of all things Saskatchewan, but when the story involves a teenage chamber choir who dies in a roller coaster accident but, thanks to Karnak, a mystical fortune-telling machine, are given a chance to give one more performance from beyond the grave, you kind of have to pay attention.

The show is called Ride the Cyclone, and will be playing at the Warehouse from March 21st to April 6th. Reviewers of all sorts, from the CBC to Plank Magazine to the Globe and Mail, have waxed lyrically about the show’s vaudeville-inspired theatrics and its riotous, raucous, and boisterous brand of story telling.

The Manitoba Theatre Centre has a student rush program, which allows people under 30 to get $19 rush tickets starting at noon the day of the performance (unless the show is sold out). Tickets for all shows at the Warehouse start at $20, so if people want to guarantee their seat, it’s still really affordable for students.

Those already in the know can go watch Ride the Cyclone to continue their love affair with Winnipeg’s theatre scene and those aren’t can go watch to join the club. More information can be found at