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Style Spectator: Monochrome Men

I’ve seen this trend swirling around Winnipeg a little bit – and I’m quite happy when I see it. The new modern working man is the “monochrome man.”

First of all, how great to see a young, twenty-something dude wearing an overcoat in the first place. I mean, it is such a beautiful garment and in this day and age, it is in no way imperative that you be wearing a suit under it. Just embrace the lovely, lengthy wool.

In this case, our guy (Brandon Bergem), is layering a cozy thumb hole sweater with his overcoat, while rocking some charcoal skinny jeans and a loose-knit scarf. Also adorable are his Blundstone-esque boots, wide-framed glasses and shoulder bag.

When monochromatic looks are done right, the look is anything but monotonous. Sticking to different shades of the same colour just ties a look together and offers intrigue in its ease.

This is the second installment of a coffee shop Style Spectator series. Check out the first one here.


Brenlee Coates is a writer, stylist and costume assistant on movies. She is the surveyor of Winnipeg style for our Style Spectator segment and likes to write about the best dates she goes on with her city.