The Library

I have to say, one of my favourite places in Winnipeg is The Millenium Library. How could you not love it? Big, bright, open, filled with so many wonderful, wonderful BOOKS! It’s a perfect place to just go, relax, enjoy, and read. So, it was nice to see this short video featuring the library made by Lauren Parker.

“This video was taken at the Winnipeg Millennium Library, this video took two hours to make.

A large portion of these shots were taken with a slider, and since I didn’t have a slider tripod with me, I had to hold up the slider myself and keep it steady for most of the time. There were a lot of interesting books to read makes me want to go to the library like i did in my childhood and read books for hours.

I met a really nice woman there and we had a nice conversation, while trying to be quiet. In the end an older woman yelled at us so we had to stop talking to each other, such a shame. I had fun I want to go back soon.”